99.99% of Solar radiation currently is ‘going to waste’

Why Choose PV Plus

PV Plus are a well established company. We have vast expereince in this industry and use the finest materials and highly skilled technicians to ensure the very best service. We are able to tailor make our service to ensure we meet any budget, requirements and timescales. We have installed Solar PV on local farms, barns, offices, warehouses, schools and homes so you can be rest assured of our ability, service and rates.


Solar PV

We can provide

  • Full design and consultation service
  • Quick installation
  • Support with feed-in tariff registration
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Repair and call out service
  • Excellent customer care and advice
  • A range of accessories to monitor the energy you are producing
  • G59 installation and set-up
  • G83 installation and set-up
  • Completion handover and MCS certification

Those in agriculture can maximize the value of barns, buildings or underused areas of land by installing Solar PV. Old roofs could be replaced with an integrated solar roof, as the panels have a long lifetime. You could make savings up to £4,500 a year on energy bills and protect your businesses against rising energy costs (see news link Farmers Guardian). PV Plus are  passionate about helping the farming and agricultural community gain the highest returns with renewable energy.

We are experienced in G59 and G83 installtions and set-ups and are able to complete large scale projects from start to finish.

Chicken Farm Goes GREEN

chicken farm solar panels, solar hampshire

Agricultural Solar: One of our many projects has been to carry out new fit-outs on chicken farms where the mass production of eggs is required. Due to the nature of the project energy efficiency was the main focus point as they consumed plenty of electricity. New modern intelligent lighting was installed which di mmed at set time periods along with LED lighting. As if that wasn’t enough the customer also had a 50KW PV system installed to help reduce their energy bill. We have installed remote monitoring so they can sit in the comfort of their offices and see how well the PV modules are performing and compare them to our predictions…….so far so good!


Your Success is our Sucess  

What other farmers say about solar panels…

(Farmers Guardian)

Farm Solar

“Our roof-mounted solar PV array cost £37,000. We installed it in April 2010 ourselves as a demonstration unit for our new energy business. We budgeted for 8,000 kWh production each year, but in seven months we’ve already hit that figure.”

Gareth Williams from Caplor Energy, who runs a mixed farm in Herefordshire.

“We might be putting up a new building, and if we do that it would be timely to go into solar. I’d like to see in two years whether it really does pay –

10 years seems a long payback time, but as energy prices rise it will become more viable.”

Graham Padfield has dairy cows and processes cheese at Park Farm, Kelston, Bath.

“This is absolutely the future for British farming, there is no  doubt in my mind. It’s just a combine harvester for electricity.”

Roger Longman milks cows and goats at Bagborough Farm, Pylle, Somerset.