As an MCS Certified company we can undertake the entire project from site survey and installation, to aftercare and support.

header_sunfix_aeroPV Plus have vast experience in commercial solar instals. We use the finest quality materials and highly skilled technicians to guarantee the very best service. We are able to tailor make our service to ensure we meet any budget, requirements and timescales .We have installed Solar on local farms, offices, warehouses, schools and homes so you can be rest assured of our ability, service and rates.

We can provide

  • Full design and consultation service
  • Quick installation
  • Support with feed-in tariff registration
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Repair and call out service
  • Excellent customer care and advice
  • A range of accessories to monitor the energy you are producing
  • G59 installation and set-up
  • G83 installation and set-up
  • Completion handover pack and MCS certificate

Save 15% on your electricity bill and grow your bottom line!

PV Plus have secured 100% funding with Palmetto for commercial customers looking to have a 100kw+ Solar Arrays installed on their roofs.

Palmetto’s team has funded solar for over a thousand customers, making it one of the fastest growing solar companies.


No upfront costs

– No costs out of pocket
– Palmetto buy the system and PV Plus install it on your roof.
– You pay a low monthly fee for your electricity.
– It generates power for you.

Locked in rates

– Same low price every month
– Tired of energy prices going up each month? No electricity price fluctuation

Financed by Palmetto

– Palmetto pay for the system and install it on your roof
– Loan and lease products available

Lifetime Guarantee

– Quality Solarworld panels used
–  Manufacturers warranty

No Hassle

– Low-pressure consultation with an advisor
– High-quality, professional installation
– Complete system performance guarantee

How about gaining a second, year-round income, with tax-free, inflation-linked returns.

With electricity costs at an all time high and constantly increasing, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses. PV Plus has experience in high profile, large scale projects. Our experienced in-house design capabilities allow projects to be tailored made to meet and exceed our clients’ needs, whilst dedicated project management keeps the project on time and in budget. We have helped businesses across hampshire gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we would like the opportunity to do this for you.

At a time when energy prices seem set to rise, cost efficiency savings are more important than ever especially as the UK will be introducing a carbon tax that will push energy prices up even further to encourage commercial enterprises to look for alternative ways to power their properties.

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