A solar car port is an alternate way to generate electricity for your home or business. It is an excellent solution for those using electric cars as you are able to charge your car with solar without having to mount solar panels on your roof. Car port solar technology is flexible and sustainable and has a number of benefits, including:

  • Eligibility for Feed-in Tariff payments
  • Charging station for your electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Generating energy for your home, business or the grid
  • Providing safe and practical shelter and storage.

There are a range of options which include


Domestic solar car ports-These usually consist of a timber frame  which can be installed in minutes and relocated if required. The domestic solar car port can be a single or double design and mount up to 16 solar panels, generating up to 50 per cent of the energy required for an average home, or providing car charging for electric vehicles

Small commercial solar car ports – These usually consist of a steel frame, the amount of Solar Panels mounted will depend on the size of the frame. The solar car port will allow adequate space for the electrical installation, including inverters and cabling, as well as for intended use and storage.

For more information please contact us we can arrange a site visit to discuss options as prices vary depending on requirement