Expert Commercial Solar Installers for the South of England

PV Plus work across the UK on Solar Panel, Battery Storage and Electric Car Charging projects.

We are PV Plus

We are expert commercial solar installers and an accredited MCS NICEIC Solar PV company located in Southampton. Operating since 2011, we specialise in Commercial Solar Panel Installation. Our mission is to “Design, install, commission, and maintain solar technologies for customers across the South of England.”

Join us in the solar revolution to reap the benefits of clean, renewable energy. Get in touch with us today, and allow us to help you harness the sun’s power for a brighter and more sustainable future.


We choose to work with a handful of top quality renewable energy manufacturers to ensure we are only fitting the best technologies. PV Plus works closely with manufacturers to ensure our product knowledge is up to date and are accredited installers for top renewable brands such as Tesla, SolarEdge Enphase and Fronius. Check out our Partners page to see who else we work with.

As a leading commercial solar panel installation company, our mission is to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs. We believe that renewable energy is not only the future but also a responsible choice for businesses looking to make a positive impact on the environment. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to empower our clients to embrace solar energy and harness its tremendous benefits.

PV Plus offers maintenance services on all types of Solar PV systems across The South of England. We also repair, maintain and upgrade systems fitted by 3rd party installers. Depending on the size of your Solar Panel system PV Plus have competitively priced maintenance packages available for small and large PV installations.

Solar PV Maintenance by commercial solar installers PV Plus

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