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What Are The Benefits Of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Hampshire?

Roof-mounted solar systems better serve most homes, but there are some circumstances that make the use of a ground-mounted system more practical. Ground systems typically tend to be installed for those who have roofs that make typical mounted difficult. If your roof is completely flat or tilted at more than fifty degrees, for example, a ground system will almost certainly be more efficient. Likewise, those with smaller roofs will tend to benefit more from ground mounting, as this will give those homeowners a chance to make use of a larger solar system.
In fact, one of the best reasons to make use of a ground-mounted system is to give yourself the ability to use a larger solar array. If you have a great deal of space that is exposed to the sun or if you want a system that can track the sun for maximum exposure, ground mounting is the best choice. This sort of system does tend to be more expensive and is very hard for most urban dwellers to use, but the advantages do exist for those in the right circumstances.
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