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WallPod is a unique and  revolutionary new range of electric vehicle home charging points specifically designed to offer adaptable and future-proof electric vehicle charging that can last a lifetime.  For further information about the WallPod (patent pending) concept please view the WallPod section of this website.

The Economical Choice

WallPod has been designed specifically to offer a low cost solution for the home charging of your electric vehicle.  There appears to be a real trend in the EV charging industry to over-specify the product and baffle with science, which often leads to escalating costs.

Rolec EV will change this trend and introduce a quality product and service at a competitive price.


WallPod has been designed to be compatible with all leading electric vehicles and is able to offer all types and modes of charging from simple type 1 charging in association with mode 2 power cables through to J1772 or IEC62196 direct connection power cables.


Rolec manufactures all of its own EV charging products and is able to accomoodate your individual requirements and specifications.


WallPod has been designed to offer its own unique flexiblity.  Simply fix a WallPod to your wall or a mounting post and insert the pods to suit your electric vehicle.  If and when you change your vehicle to a next generation model, you can simply change your pod to suit.  It’s simple and cost effective.

Safety first

 As one of the world’s leading designers and installers of utility services to the leisure industry, we take safety very seriously.  All our products are designed to current electrical regulations.

The WallPod is manufactured to the latest safety regulations and offers both overload and fault current protection, designed to auto-disconnect in the event of a fault.

Designed to perform

 WallPod has been specifically designed for the outdoor environment to the internationally recognised IP65 weather-proof rating.  All materials used in its construction are UV stabilsed and zero corrosive.

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