The OLEV Grant

This video explains what the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Grant is, how to check your eligibility, which cars are eligible, as well as explaining how we process the application for your £500 grant.

Zappi V2

Interview with Dr Chris Horne from myenergi at the Fully Charged Live show 2019. Chris takes us through the New Zappi Eco-smart EV charger, the hub and the app. Video Clip credit NIEVO

7 Affordable All-Electric Cars Coming by 2020

Just a short clip to give you an idea of the types of electric cars being introduced. There is a notable decreasing tendency in all-electric car prices from $95,000 to $35,000 on average with the same range and performance, thus, making it comparative affordable, not cheap but affordable enough, for average US citizen (with the

EV Myths vs Facts

Electric Cars Myths vs Facts. I dive into some of the most common arguments I hear about why electric vehicles are bad. Things like taking too long to charge, batteries not lasting, not being as clean as you think and being worse for CO2 emissions, and not enough range. Timestamps: Too long to charge: 0:14

Living with an Electric Car

Check out this video clip showing a full week with an electric vehicle “I’ve had 2 EV’s over the last 3 1/2 years and one thing that makes people taking that last step into buying one is what they’re like to live with. This is a 300 mile weeks commute in an EV! Exciting times!”

What Solar Can Really Do

In 2006, SolarEdge revolutionized the solar industry by inventing a better way to collect and manage energy in PV systems. Today, they are a global leader in smart energy technology. By deploying world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, they create smart energy products and solutions that power our lives and drive

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