“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

To save energy is to save resources, money and the environment and it is a large issue for many people and corporations. Without knowing how one’s energy is being consumed, it is very difficult to properly conserve it. This is where energy monitoring comes into the picture. When energy consumption becomes available for viewing and analysis, people tend to find natural ways to reduce their own consumption. It allows them to see where they may be acting in an unintentionally wasteful manner. In households, this reduction can be as much as 7% when the power meter is placed in a visible location within the house. That is the benefit a single meter can do, imagine an entire system dedicated exclusively to energy monitoring and analysis across entire building or chain of buildings. Without energy monitoring, it would be impossible to determine which wing of a building consumes excessive heat or when is the most efficient point in time to run heavy machinery. Simply put, you cannot afford not to know.

PV Plus offer an indivualised Energy monitoring system that will be designed to meet your exact requirements. It is quick and easy to install and allows users to log in online and view detailed anayalsis and reports of your energy use.

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