Integrating solar panels onto green or biodiverse roofs offers a harmonious blend of ecological and energy advantages. By combining renewable energy generation with vegetative ecosystems, these dual-purpose installations contribute to enhanced environmental sustainability. The solar panels not only harness clean energy from the sun but also benefit from the cooling and insulating effects of the vegetation, thereby increasing their efficiency and lifespan. Simultaneously, the green or biodiverse roofs benefit from the panels’ shading, reducing heat absorption and promoting plant growth. This synergy creates a remarkable synergy wherein the coexistence of solar technology and natural habitats fosters a resilient, eco-friendly urban landscape while addressing energy needs.


The Bauder Biosolar system is an integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic renewable energy on a green roof or a blue roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism to secure the array. The system is suitable for both new build construction and retrofit projects. This system allows for the entire roof area to qualify as a green roof, and if a biodiversity vegetation finish is elected for, this can further enhance the BREEAM credit rating for the roof element. This system is only suitable for Bauder roofs.

Bauder Green Roof Solar Panels system


With its Solar Base, ZinCo incorporates solar energy into green roofs . The ZinCo solar build-up consists of a protection and drainage layer, Solar Base panels and Solar Base Frames. The panels are covered with a prescribed amount of growing medium and the desired vegetation is then planted. The combined weight of the growing media and plants provides the ballast required by the solar energy system to deal with wind loads. Thanks to this ballast principle, roof membrane penetrations that would normally be necessary for anchoring standard solar energy systems are not required.

Zinco Mounting


Optigrün Solar FKD is a load-supported solar mounting frame for penetration-free roof mounting of PV modules or rows of PV modules. The versatile subframe assembly makes it possible to mount almost all standard solar modules, with inclines of 10°, 15° or 20°. The rows of modules can be installed in a south-facing or east-west orientation. The modules can be attached to it both vertically (portrait) and horizontally (landscape).

Optigrün Mounting System


Separated from Greenfix in 2007 to become Sky Garden Ltd and now partner multiple waterproofing manufactures throughout the UK. In 2011 they installed the largest wildflower living roof in Europe, and in 2013 became winners of the National Federation for Roofing Contractors award for Sustainable / Green Roof.

Sky Garden aims to find the most suitable and sustainable solution for each individual green roof project, drawing on extensive industry knowledge and access to a broad range of living roof components. Whether your project is constrained by budget, roof pitch, aspect loading weights, access or maintenance, Sky Garden can offer a range of flexible solutions to suit your individual living roof project.

SkyGarden Green Roof

Solar Installation Process

PV Plus designing a commercial solar panels installation

Using specialist design tools our team will design a Solar/Battery system to suit your energy needs and budget. You will be sent an initial design and an estimate of costs.If you are happy with our proposal we will arrange a site survey

Woman applying for Solar panel installation from PV Plus

Solar and battery installs will require a DNO application in advance of any works being started. Please take a look at our DNO APPLICATION page for the full details of this process. Once this is returned we will provide a quote based on any DNO requirements.

PV Plus team installing commercial solar panels on a building

PV Plus work on premium domestic projects and specialise in commercial installs across the South. We have been installing systems since 2011. As We are a MCS and NICEIC company you system will be fitted by qualified and experienced engineers

PV Plus team maintaining a commercial solar installation

Reputation is key and we pride ourselves on great customer service, we will always be at the end of the line to offer support and advice. We offer varying maintenance and monitoring services to ensure maximum returns from your investment by maintaining output efficiency.

Maintenance and Monitoring

We carry out annual solar pv maintenance on both small and large solar pv arrays for businesses. For systems that include monitoring functionality we offer annual remote maintenance service and a monthly monitoring service to ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capabilities. Take a look at our Maintenance and Monitoring page for more details.

PV Plus maintenance team inspecting Solar PV installation
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Responsive and helpful through the whole planning and install process, on site teams friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend.
Adrian Green
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Really pleased with the services from PV Plus. Communication from start was excellent, fitters were professional yet friendly. I would certainly recommend. Thanks
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Brilliant service. The work was done on time as agreed. The cables were nicely arranged inside and outside the house. A work of art.
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This is the only company we would use for PV related projects. All works are carried out professionally and the communication is fantastic.