Ground mount solar panels offer a range of advantageous features. Their strategic placement on open land optimises sunlight exposure, ensuring peak energy production throughout the day. This positioning also allows for efficient panel orientation, accommodating seasonal sun angle changes for maximum output. Ground mount solar is easy to install and maintain, making them a flexible option for various terrains. Their accessibility simplifies cleaning and maintenance, further enhancing longevity and efficiency. Additionally, ground-mounted panels do not impact the aesthetics or structural integrity of existing buildings. As a result, they provide a scalable solution for generating clean, renewable energy that can be tailored to meet specific energy needs, making them a valuable asset in sustainable energy strategies.

GSE Ground Mount

This GSE Intégration ground-installation innovation is an alternative to the problem of the non-feasibility of a roof installation. GSE ground mounts feature a modular design, allowing for easy customization and scalability. This adaptability makes them suitable for various project sizes and terrain conditions. GSE ground mount systems offer a combination of efficiency, durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them an appealing choice for solar energy projects seeking optimal performance and long-term sustainability.

GSE Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Sunfixings Ground Mounts

The Sunfixings Ground Anchor solar PV mounting system provides a range of compelling benefits for solar installations. This innovative system offers rapid installation thanks to its simplified design. The unique ground anchor foundation ensures stability while eliminating the need for concrete footings, streamlining the setup process and reducing environmental impact. Its durable construction from corrosion-resistant materials ensures longevity and minimal maintenance. With its ease of use, adaptability to various terrains, and efficient energy generation, the Sunfixings Ground Anchor system stands as a reliable and eco-friendly solution for harnessing solar power.

SunFixings Ground Anchor

Solar Installation Process

PV Plus designing a commercial solar panels installation

Using specialist design tools our team will design a Solar/Battery system to suit your energy needs and budget. You will be sent an initial design and an estimate of costs.If you are happy with our proposal we will arrange a site survey

Woman applying for Solar panel installation from PV Plus

Solar and battery installs will require a DNO application in advance of any works being started. Please take a look at our DNO APPLICATION page for the full details of this process. Once this is returned we will provide a quote based on any DNO requirements.

PV Plus team installing commercial solar panels on a building

PV Plus work on premium domestic projects and specialise in commercial installs across the South. We have been installing systems since 2011. As We are a MCS and NICEIC company you system will be fitted by qualified and experienced engineers

PV Plus team maintaining a commercial solar installation

Reputation is key and we pride ourselves on great customer service, we will always be at the end of the line to offer support and advice. We offer varying maintenance and monitoring services to ensure maximum returns from your investment by maintaining output efficiency.

Maintenance and Monitoring

We carry out annual solar pv maintenance on both small and large solar pv arrays for businesses. For systems that include monitoring functionality we offer annual remote maintenance service and a monthly monitoring service to ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capabilities. Take a look at our Maintenance and Monitoring page for more details.

PV Plus maintenance team inspecting Solar PV installation
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Responsive and helpful through the whole planning and install process, on site teams friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend.
Adrian Green
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Really pleased with the services from PV Plus. Communication from start was excellent, fitters were professional yet friendly. I would certainly recommend. Thanks
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Brilliant service. The work was done on time as agreed. The cables were nicely arranged inside and outside the house. A work of art.
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This is the only company we would use for PV related projects. All works are carried out professionally and the communication is fantastic.