PV Plus holds the distinction of being an approved installation partner for Bauder solar solutions. Specialising in flat roof installations, PV Plus is adept at fitting BauderSolar systems for optimal energy generation on Bauder flat roofs. Moreover,  our expertise extends to incorporating BauderSOLAR G Light onto biodiverse and green roof systems, showcasing our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions across diverse roofing environments.

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Bauder Flat Roof System

BauderSOLAR is a flat roof photovoltaic mounting system that is attached to the roof without penetration of the waterproofing system or roof deck. The systems are designed to be used in conjunction with our single ply or bituminous membrane waterproofing solutions and are lightweight at 9-12.5kg/m2, depending on the module selected.

Bauder Green Roofs System

The Bauder Biosolar system is an integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic renewable energy on a green roof or a blue roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism to secure the array. The system is suitable for both new build construction and retrofit projects. This system allows for the entire roof area to qualify as a green roof, and if a biodiversity vegetation finish is elected for, this can further enhance the BREEAM credit rating for the roof element.

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