Viridian Solar, headquartered near Cambridge, UK, specialises in manufacturing roof-integrated solar panels. Their Clearline Fusion series of solar panels are seamlessly integrated into the roof, elevating the integration of solar energy to new heights.

Back in 2004, a group of forward-thinking engineers and designers embarked on a mission to revolutionise solar technology. Collaborating with partners from the construction industry, they aimed to redefine the standards for solar systems. They soon recognised that beyond cost, factors like aesthetics, durability, safety, and installation convenience were crucial for widespread adoption of solar energy.

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NHBC Approved

Thanks to its metal flashings and exceptional construction, Viridans Clearline Fusion system guarantees longevity and durability. Clearline Fusion stands alone as the sole roof-integrated solar system to earn independent, third-party accreditation, aligning with the latest NHBC Technical Requirements for durability introduced in 2024. Its British Board of Agreement certificate covers the entirety of the system, providing homebuilders with a straightforward, definitive method to showcase compliance to NHBC inspectors through the use of an approved product.

Safety first as standard

The number of solar installations is rapidly increasing, raising concerns about the potential for mistakes in assembling DC connectors, which can lead to fires. Common installation errors that may result in arc faults include poorly crimped joints, mismatched connectors from different manufacturers, assembly of electrodes in wet conditions, and incomplete insertion that fails to engage the connector locking mechanism. Solar installers encounter millions of such connections annually, often in challenging weather conditions and difficult locations.

Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solar installations represent one scenario where the ArcBox proves invaluable, as DC cabling is installed close to flammable building materials. Similarly, flat roof solar installations over roof coverings like single-ply membrane or asphalt present another risk scenario. Certain facilities, such as hospitals, schools, care homes, and factories, cannot afford even temporary disruption, highlighting the need for meticulous risk management. This is precisely why PV Plus includes ArcBoxes as standard practice.