Once PV Plus has completed installing your PV system you will need to register it with your electricity supplier in order to start receiving the Feed in Tariff. We are more than happy to assist you all the way and can offer advice with this process however it is something that PV Plus cannot carry out on behalf of the system owner as the forms require personal and bank details. Here is a Quick Guide to get you started.
PV Plus will notify the organisation that controls the operation of the electricity grid in your region, the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) when we have installed, connected and commissioned your solar PV system. We will also register your Solar system with the MCS – Microgeneration Certification Scheme and send you a MCS Certificate. You will then be able to register for the Feed in Tariff.
Firstly you will need to apply to become a microgenerator, that is someone who generates their own electricity on a small scale. The forms themselves are quite straightforward and can be downloaded from our Downlaod Centre or from the links below, alternatively you can request for us to send you a paper copy. You need to choose the appropriate forms from your energy supplier and fill them in. They will ask for installation details which will be found in the Handover Pack but if you get stuck please do not hesistate to contact us. Your electricity company will request a copy of your Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate.
We want this registration process to go as smoothly as possible for all our customers so we have provided you with some of the major suppliers details, also we have linked the forms for you to download
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What is an Export Meter?

When you fill in your forms you may notice there is often a question about Export Meters. Export Meters are not usually required for systems under 30 kw unless you are planning to ‘sell’ more than half of your total generated electricity back to your supplier. This is not usually the case and therefore your supplier will assume you use 50% of what you generate and sell the other 50% back to the grid. This is called your ‘deemed export’ and your energy company will generally send you a cheque each quarter based on this amount. However if you have had more than 30 kw installed your provider is likely to fit an export meter.

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