Solar Maintenance Packages from £150 + VAT

Solar PV systems have minimal moving parts so they require very little maintenance, however they are not completely maintenance free. PV Plus can protect your investment by ensuring faults are quickly identified and resolved, maximising your returns, regardless of who it was installed by. In order to maximise the performance of your system, there are areas of maintenance that are required yearly for example check-ups of the system components and inverters. To ensure our customers receive the best advantages in terms of energy production and finance these processes are scheduled to be performed annually. In order to protect our customer’s financial interest we have focused on ensuring a cost efficient way of delivering our maintenance services to our customers. Our goal is the complete satisfaction of all our customers for all jobs regardless of size. 

PV Plus provide System monitoring and regular servicing to ensure against potential losses in performance and protect your solar investment. Since 2011 we have worked with commercial, agricultural, public sector and domestic clients to provide maintenance and repairs on Solar PV.

Maintenance visits can include:

Periodic test and inspection of electrics in accordance with BS:7671: 2008 (regulation 135.1)
General maintenance check of the system
External wiring and panels will be checked only if on a flat roof with access
Internal D.C Components check
Inverter maintenance check as per manufacturers guidance
A.C Circuit components check
D.C String tests
Performance checks
Service inspection record sheet

Solar Maintenance & Repairs

PV Plus offers maintenance services on all types of Solar PV systems across Hampshire and South England. We also repair, maintain and upgrade systems fitted by 3rd party installers. PV Plus will ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capabilities, those being managed will be more efficient than those that are not. Solar PV arrays are extremely reliable but like most technologies, they still need to be looked after to ensure maximum returns from your investment by maintaining output efficiency. Our goal is the complete satisfaction of all our customers for all jobs regardless of size. Depending on the size of your Solar PV system PV Plus have competitively priced maintenance packages available for small and large PV installations.

Solar Call-Out Hampshire from £75+VAT

PV Plus offers a call out service to ensure our customer’s piece of mind that our accredited engineers are on standby should a fault occur. We will attend, rectify and replace any faulty parts as soon as we can to ensure minimum downtime and inconvenience.

PV Plus are experienced solar installers, if you find your solar panels are not working or are worried about their performance we are able to come to the solar site to carry out inspection and any repairs required. We repair systems fitted by ourselves as well as those fitted by third party installers. While there is not much to go wrong on a solar system, problems can sometimes occur.

Our qualified engineers have vast experience with a variety of solar designs and products and therefore can offer you both repair and solutions, for malfunctioning or broken solar systems. Our engineers have undergone specific training with the top manufactures of Panels and Inverters to become Advanced and Approved contractors to cary out installations and repairs. Just call us on 02380 170215 or email Call out prices from £75+VAT

Inverter Replacements from £590+VAT

Since so many solar companies are no longer around we have lots of experience replacing faulty inverters. Just send us a picture of your inverter and the details of your system including any error codes shown on the inverter and we can take it from there. 

Inverter replacements start from £590+VAT depending on the type of inverter and system you have.

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