Site Maintenance

PV Plus offers maintenance services on all types of Solar PV systems across The South of England. We also repair, maintain and upgrade systems fitted by 3rd party installers. PV Plus will ensure your system is performing to 100% of its capabilities, those being managed will be more efficient than those that are not. Solar PV arrays are extremely reliable but like most technologies, they still need to be looked after to ensure maximum returns from your investment by maintaining output efficiency.


After an annual site visit you will receive a report which includes all our test results from specialised Solar PV test equipment, any faults/findings that would require remedial works, quotes for work required and photos.


We work with some of the biggest inverter manufacturers as service partners. This means if your inverter is under product warranty and requires fixing or replacing, we are able to do this.

On-roof works

We will only carry out inspections on the roof as standard if the roof is flat and has access. This is to keep costs down for our customers, access equipment is very expensive and roof access is not always required. The inverters often highlight any problems. If a problem is found that would require roof access we would report back and quote. This means you are only paying for maintenance and repairs when required.

Remote Maintenance

If your system already has remote monitoring we offer an annual remote diagnostics and maintenance service which will include routine error checks and updates to ensure any issues are found and rectified as quickly as possible. This is a cheaper, more efficient package. We are able to log in remotely to carry out checks. From here we will either see that the system is working fine or would need to arrange a site visit/call out to investigate further. We offer this as a money saving option as it reduces the need for unneeded site/call out costs. For a quote please complete the enquiry form on our contact page
If you do not have monitoring and would like this as an option we can quote to retrofit this.

Remote Monitoring

If your system already has remote monitoring we offer a monthly monitoring service to ensure your system is operating to maximum performance all year round. This is suitable for larger or more complex arrays. We carry out a remote full system check once a month and report back. Any errors or faults on the system that may have previously gone unnoticed until the annual site maintenance visit, will be picked up immediately, allowing us to book an engineer out to rectify. By solving issues quickly you reduce downtime, loss in energy production and lowers any financial losses. For a quote please complete the  enquiry form on our contact page