DNO Application

Your distribution network operator (DNO) is the company that owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure that connect the electricity network to your property – the network doesn’t connect directly to homes and businesses because its voltage is too high.

Any solar PV install over 3.68kw or any solar and battery system, requires a DNO application. The DNO will determine the maximum size system you can have installed. The DNO (usually SSE or UK Power Networks) will carry out a network assessment to see if you are able to have the amount of solar or solar and battery system you have requested. They will respond with one of the following:

  • Your application has been accepted – No connection fee
  • Your application has been accepted – Plus a connection fee
  • Your application has encountered some restrictions and needs to be revised
  • Network reinforcements are required in order for your application to be accepted – Plus a reinforcement fee


Woman submitting DNO Application on her tablet
Meter Time-Switch Code

We will ask you to complete and hand sign a Letter of Authority (LOA) (click the button below), this gives us permission to put in the application for your property. This must include the property MPAN number which is a 13 digit supply reference that can be found on your electricity bill and looks like the image below. Alternatively if the property is a new build we can accept the New Supply Reference which would be given to you when you arrange the new electricity supply to the property.

PV Plus processes this on your behalf for a fee as per below table. This can take up to 3 months for the DNO to process and return so we advise to have this done ASAP. We are unable to provide you with a quote for all DNO costs as we do not know these prior to application. The application does not commit you to proceeding with an install however must be completed before a system can be connected and commissioned. No works should start before the DNO application is returned incase of any stated costs/restrictions.