Close to four million households in the UK reside in medium and low-rise apartment buildings, possessing untapped solar potential on their rooftops. Until recently, harnessing this energy was impossible. Allume energy pioneered SolShare™️, a groundbreaking technology facilitating equitable distribution of solar energy among multiple dwellings within a single building. Established in Australia in 2015, Allume energy has swiftly expanded across three continents, spearheading a global movement towards accessible solar power.

Solshare ™️

SolShare is an intelligent hardware that splits energy from a single rooftop solar system among multiple dwellings, enabling solar power for flats. By connecting behind-the-meter, it delivers energy directly to each household, allowing them to enjoy solar benefits while maintaining the freedom to choose their energy provider. Classified as a direct solar connection for flats, SolShare systems typically qualify for maximum SAP uplift and often raise EPC ratings by at least one band. PV Plus are approved installers of the SolShare in the UK and can design and install SolShare Solar system to meet your specification requirements.

How it works

  • Physically linking solar PV behind the meter, SolShare is classified as a direct connection for SAP calculations, ensuring maximum points.
  • With customisable kWp allocation for each flat, SolShare optimizes return on investment by tailoring solar allocation to each household’s needs, aiding in achieving EPC goals effectively.
  • Maximising energy consumption, SolShare delivers solar allocation to residents when they require energy, leading to increased solar usage and consequent bill savings for every household.

Monitoring Portal

The SolCentre monitoring portal provides you access to:

  • Energy data of every connected flat
  • Fuel poverty alerts (soon to be launched!)
  • Fault and underperformance monitoring
  • All under GDPR compliance