Allume Energy: A Complete Overview

Who are Allume Energy?

Allume Energy is an Australian company, pioneering in the renewable energy sector. They are focused on making sustainable energy accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. Among its groundbreaking offerings is the Allume Solshare. This revolutionary system is transforming the way communities harness solar energy.

Allume believe, those living in multi-tenanted buildings have been excluded from the chance to manage their electricity consumption through rooftop solar. Allume has a solution to empower all property owners to take control of their energy usage.

What is Solshare?

The SolShare is a device that is fitted after the inverter. It is known as a Power Division Control System. It shares a single source of energy (rooftop solar) to multiple properties.

Allume SolShare diagram

Where does the Allume SolShare go?

When integrated with a PV system, it is positioned on the AC-side of a grid-tie inverter. It links with multiple independent units on the load side of their retail electricity meter.

This behind-the-meter solution necessitates no alteration to the smart meter infrastructure. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind. This ensures a straightforward installation process.

For details on designing a SolShare system, you can refer to Allume’s ‘SolShare System & SLD Design Rules’ document by making a request.

Who installs Allume SolShare?

The Solshare needs to be fitted by an Allume approved contractor such as PV Plus. This would be fitted as part of the Solar PV installation. The Solshare would need to be included as part of the G99 DNO application. The application would be carried out by the PV installer.

Why is Allume SolShare unique?

The SolShare is the world’s only hardware for sharing rooftop solar to apartments. The SolShare is a simple solution for those with shared roofs. It allows multiple parties to share a single rooftop solar system.

SolShare solution image

Why is Allume SolShare needed?

Before the SolShare, there were only a few options to install solar for a shared roof top system. such as apartments. Solutions included individual inverter systems and blockchain based trading solutions. All had their challenges, which is why shared roof top solar has struggled to take off.

How does Allume SolShare distribute the solar fairly?

The SolShare logs the quantity of solar delivered to each property. Each month, it ensures that each connected unit receives the same amount of solar as the others. This means that even if a neighbour is a high-energy user, you will still receive the same solar benefit as them.

What is the benefit of the Allume SolShare?

The SolShare keeps track of the energy needs of each connected unit. It calculates the most effective solar delivery every 200 milliseconds. This optimises on-site solar generation. This leads to increased savings. The ability to customise the solar delivery five times per second translates to up to 55% more on-site solar consumption. This is compared to individual solar systems for each apartment.

Benefits of SolShare

Allume SolShare Input and output

For three-phase applications, the SolShare receives a three-phase power input. This would be from a grid-tied inverter. Three phases, earth and neutral are connected.

Outputs consist of multiple, three-phase outputs. Each output is connected to either one three-phase unit or three single-phase units. The output phase of the SolShare must match the phase of the grid supply of the connected unit.

Each property would need an AC supply and CT cable wired from the property fuse board to the Solshare location. You can fit up to 15 single phase or 5 3 phase connections per 1x SolShare.

SolShare monitoring portal

What is the cost of the Alllume SolShare?

The cost for an Allume Solshare to be fitted will depend upon the quantity of Solshare units you require and how many properties its powering. A budget cost to supply and fit 1x Solshare unit would be between £13,000-£18,000+VAT. This does not include the cost of the Solar PV itself.

Allume Solshare stands as a beacon of innovation in the solar energy landscape. It offers a sustainable and community-driven approach to power generation. As we navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving world, solutions like Solshare underscore the importance of collaborative efforts. They show how creating a cleaner, more resilient future relies on renewable energy and working together.

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