Bauder Roof Systems: A Complete Overview

Bauder Roof Systems complete overview and guide to their advanced solar mounting solutions. Ideal for commercial solar installations.

Can Solar be fitted onto a Bauder Roof System?

Yes! Bauder has their own solar mounting solutions. These are designed to generate energy efficiently on flat, green, and blue roofs. They also ensure the waterproofing system underneath remains completely intact and without compromise.

A Bauder flat roof is perfect for a solar PV setup to produce on-site electricity. Embracing renewable energy is key to helping businesses meet their energy needs. It also helps them cut down on carbon emissions and reduce operating costs.

In the global pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions, it is crucial to embrace clean, renewable energy sources. Solar PV systems are an effective solution for reducing carbon emissions. They help move us toward a sustainable, low-carbon future. Businesses play a vital role in achieving net zero carbon emission targets and can do this by embracing Solar PV technology. The UK must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 100% from 1990 levels by 2050.

For a reliable and expert service, only Bauder-approved contractors are authorised to install their products. These contractors are trained and certified. They endorse Solar PV companies such as PV Plus. These companies have the technical know-how and organisational skills. They ensure efficient, well-managed projects.

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Why Choose Bauder Roofing for Commercial Property?

Bauders’ waterproofing systems are versatile. They adapt to specific construction project needs. These needs include design, cost, planning, sustainability, and life expectancy. The design team ensures seamless integration. They prioritise Bauder waterproofing integrity by incorporating green roofs, blue roofs, or photovoltaics.

Architects and designers choose Bauder for their client-centric approach. They tailor solutions and collaborate with all stakeholders throughout the project. This ensures a customised, effective, and high-quality outcome.

Bauder go beyond the role of a manufacturer and supplier. Their technical managers are integral to every project’s success. Your assigned technical manager collaborates closely with you and PV Plus. They provide a customised specification and installation package that suits your project.

Can I retro fit Solar PV onto a Bauder roof?

Certainly, provided the building’s structure can accommodate the extra weight loadings. It’s crucial to verify that the anticipated lifespan of the existing or planned roof waterproofing system aligns with that of the PV array. Otherwise, the waterproofing system may need premature replacement. This would require removing the array before restoring the roof’s integrity. Ideally, integrating photovoltaics is most efficient when done concurrently with refurbishing the waterproofing system.

Bauder Green roof Solar Mounting

BauderSOLAR G LIGHT offers a solar PV mounting system. This system is designed for Bauder biodiverse or extensive green roofs.

The substrate and vegetation secure the array through ballasted installation. Suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects, Biosolar allows the entire roof area to qualify as a green roof. Opting for a bio system can further enhance the BREEAM credit rating for the roof element.

Key Features:

  • No roof penetrations, as substrate and vegetation act as ballast for the PV array.
  • Maximises solar output, enabling the entire roof to qualify as a biodiverse green roof.
  • Preserving ambient rooftop temperatures enhances solar energy generation. It optimises module output by up to 5%.
  • Raised modules provide space underneath for light and moisture. This fosters various habitats that support diverse plant species and small invertebrates.
  • Single point responsibility for waterproofing, green roof, and PV installation.
  • Increasing the space between the substrate and panels can prevent panel damage during green roof maintenance.
Bauder Green Roof Solar Mounting project by PV Plus

Bauder Flat roof solar mounting.

The BauderSOLAR PV systems provide advanced technical solutions. They optimise the mounting system design and improve solar PV module efficiency. The systems are suitable for new construction and retrofit projects.

The lightweight PV mounting system incorporates of prefabricated membrane sleeves. The sleeves slide over the mounting plates with ease. The roofer then marks and welds them into position. This securely anchors the plates to the surface of the Bauder waterproofing system. Once the process is finished, PV Plus completes the solar PV installation. The installation effortlessly locks into place without tools or sharp fixings.

The flat roof photovoltaic mounting system is attached to the roof. It does not penetrate the waterproofing system or roof deck. This product is made to be used with Bauder waterproofing solutions. It works with single-ply or bituminous membrane options.

Bauder Flat Roof Mounting project by PV Plus

Key Features:

  • Zero-penetration installation for risk-free implementation.
  • Single-source integration for the design of waterproofing and PV.
  • Non ballasted, lightweight system
  • Suitable for a range of solar panels

Bauder Roofing Systems Installation Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Share your project details with Bauder. Discuss project specifics, budget, and create a plan to maximise PV benefits.
  2. Receive a detailed project specification package that meets your requirements. The package includes a technical layout of PV units and system engineering.
  3. PV Plus receives the design. They provide a quote for supplying and installing the Solar PV system. A purchase order and Letter of Authority are needed to start G99 DNO applications, which can take up to 3 months. It’s recommended to start early in the project.
  4. Installation: Installation process as described below. PV Plus and Bauder technicians closely monitor the work. They conduct regular inspections to ensure quality installation and waterproof integrity.
  5. Sign-Off and Guarantee: Bauder and PV Plus perform a final inspection. PV Plus commissions the site and registers it with the DNO. Once completed, PV Plus issues MCS certificates for systems under 50kW. PV Plus provides a thorough handover pack. Bauder offers extensive guarantees for the roof and PV system.
  6. Monitoring and Maintenance: After completion, Bauder provides ongoing roofing aftercare. PV Plus offers regular solar maintenance, which is essential for PV efficiency. This includes annual servicing of the array.

Installation process of BauderSOLAR G LIGHT (Green Roof)

  1. Placing the Mounting Boards (roofer): Position the mounting boards (1) in alignment with the array design, addressing any gaps between boards or around the perimeter using our DSE 40 drainage board.
  2. Installing the Railing System: The base rails (2) are fitted first (roofer). PV Plus will then secure the v-shaped and carrier rails into position (3, 4, 5)
  3. Incorporating Substrate and Vegetation (roofer): Pour the substrate into the mounting board and introduce vegetation as per the specified desired finish.
  4. Installing the PV Modules (PV Plus): Secure the PV panels to the carrier rails using clamps.

PV Plus completes the installation by wiring the panels and inverters. They also commission the system and fulfil all MCS and G99 requirements.

Bauder Solar System Diagram
PV Plus table 1 referencing the Bauder System
PV Plus table 2 referencing the Bauder System

BauderSolar PV (Flat Roof)

  1. Positioning the Baseplates (roofer): Begin by plotting and measuring the baseplates (3), ensuring accurate placement according to the array design.
  2. Attaching to Roof Surface (roofer): Place waterproofing membrane sleeves (2) over each baseplate and weld them into position. The large attachment footprint ensures stability, securing the entire array even in extreme weather.
  3. Installing the Substructures (PV Plus): Position the substructures (1) over the mounting plates and lock them into place (4,5,6).
  4. Placement of the PV Modules (PV Plus): Install PV modules onto the substructure mounting system, mechanically securing them with a tool-free fixing method.

PV Plus completes the installation by wiring the panels and inverters. We commission the system and fulfil all MCS and G99 requirements.

Diagram showing components of BauderSolar PV flat roof system

Bauder Roof Solar System Cost

Bauder’s mounting systems have a similar cost to other flat roof mounting manufacturers. However, they have the added advantage of being specially designed for Bauder roofs. Bauder guarantees the specified roof package. Additionally, they provide a single point of contact and responsibility. This minimises risk.

Compare Bauder Solar Mounting Systems

There are two main ways to secure a PV system to a flat roof: ballasted or mechanical. Ballasted systems, like Van Der Valk or Esdec, add weight to anchor the array. Adding weight to a structure requires confirmation from a structural engineer to accept the extra weight and wind load in the design. The ballast can have different forms, so it’s important to check that the static load matches the wind load calculation report.

There are two mechanical methods for roof installation. The first involves penetrating the roof covering with a Nicholson IFP and fixing it to the deck. The second method involves welding a base plate, like Bauder, while keeping the waterproofing system intact.

The Bauder system advantage is that it uses a mechanical fixing method. This makes it lighter than a ballasted system and doesn’t pierce the membrane.

Do you need to be Bauder approved?

Yes! Bauder don’t just focus on a single component— they guarantee the entire Bauder roof package. This approach offers a single point of contact and responsibility, minimising risks across the board. As a certified Bauder contractor, PV Plus are fully trained and certified to install Bauder Solar panel systems.

PV Plus are approved Bauder solar installers

Is Bauder MCS Compliant

System designs comply with:

  • BSEN 62446 Grid Connected Photovoltaics
  • BSEN 61853-1 Defining Solar Photovoltaic Power
  • BSEN 1991-1-4 Wind Actions on Structures
  • BRE Digest DG 489 rev 2014

Flat roof mounting units are not part of MCS certification currently. However, Bauder’s solar PV array designs meet MCS PV Guide requirements and IET Codes of Practice.

Benefits of Bauder roof Solar systems for commercial properties.

A flat roof is ideal for installing solar panels for generating electricity. Renewable energy generation plays a crucial role in achieving a net-zero carbon building. Integrating renewables helps the building meet energy needs, reduce emissions, and save money.

The Bauder portfolio encompasses two systems: BauderSOLAR F and BauderSOLAR G LIGHT. Noteworthy advantages for both systems include:

  1. Installation without penetration, minimising risk through a secure mounting system.
  2. This solar PV system is suitable for a diverse selection of modules. It caters to client preferences and budget considerations.
  3. A range of Bauder waterproofing options, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  4. Extensive guarantee packages, providing comprehensive coverage tailored to specific project requirements.
Bauder components

Maintaining Bauder Roof Systems

The skill and ability of the installer are very important for a successful project. Only contractors approved by Bauder, such as PV Plus, have the expertise to install and maintain Bauder products and meet the standards required by the Bauder guarantee.

Regular maintenance is very important to keep the PV array working well and catch any problems early. If the system fails because of poor maintenance, it may not be covered by the Bauder guarantee. To learn more, read our maintenance guide for BauderSolar and Bauder BioSolar systems.

Bauder Solar Systems constructed and installed by PV Plus

What is the Bauder Guarantee?

You can request sample guarantees from Bauder. The guarantees are written in straightforward and easy-to-understand language. The documents clearly state what is included, excluded, and required for the guarantee. One must follow these terms to be eligible for the guarantee.

  • The guarantees are supported by a European manufacturer of flat roofing systems with a turnover exceeding €1 billion.
  • Bauder offers guarantees for varying durations, ranging from 10 to 25 years (some systems extend to 30 years).
  • Bauder guarantees provide different levels of coverage, encompassing:
    • Materials supplied by Bauder.
    • Specifications, design, and advice provided by Bauder.
    • Workmanship of the Bauder Approved Installer.
  • The roof(s) that Bauder guarantees can change owners unlimited times. Bauder does not charge for transferring guarantee ownership.

Do I have to use Bauder Solar mounts on a Bauder Roof?

No. However, to benefit from the guarantee packages, it is important to use Bauder Solar mounts. These mounts are designed to align perfectly with the roof specifications. If you choose a different mounting system, Bauder’s comprehensive guarantee will not cover the roof and solar system.

Historical background of Bauder as a brand.

Bauder is a family-owned enterprise now in its fourth generation

Bauder Germany is a roofing product development company that has been around for 160 years. It has grown continuously and now has seven factories in Germany, one in Austria, and subsidiaries in 14 countries across Europe.

Now, Bauder is one of Europe’s top manufacturers and suppliers. They provide new ways to waterproof, insulate, and utilise roofs. They offer solutions for thermal insulation, green roofs, blue roofs, and photovoltaic systems.

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Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Bauder Roof Systems

The Bauder group commits to reducing their business’s impact on the environment. Their goal is to guarantee future generations inherit a responsible company.


Bauder is a company that aims to produce high-quality flat roof systems. These systems have a long service life, which helps lower costs over time. They are always working to improve manufacturing processes for all their products.

Operation of Bauder Production Plants:

The manufacturing facilities use closed rotation cooling systems. This reduces water consumption and prevents environmental pollution. Over five years, they reduced energy consumption for PIR insulation manufacturing by 20%. This shows their commitment to ISO 50001 Energy Management standards. This initiative benefits Bauder business, clients, and the environment.

Packaging and Site Waste:

Bauder works closely with recycling specialists on-site to reduce landfill waste. They helped meet recycling goals by diverting and reducing waste. They also helped reduce waste sent to landfill.

Effective Roof Insulation:

Bauder recognises the important role of building insulation. Building insulation enhances thermal performance and reduces carbon emissions linked to heating. This also leads to better working conditions.

Hands holding up cards to show reducing CO2 emissions for commercial properties.

Bauder Solar installations by PV Plus.

PV Plus proudly holds the esteemed status of being an approved Bauder installation partner. This showcases our commitment to excellence in the field of photovoltaic systems. We have completed many successful projects. This shows our expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. Our partnership with Bauder reflects a growing and mutually beneficial collaboration. It highlights our ability to meet and exceed the high standards set by Bauder in the installation of solar solutions. PV Plus is a trusted installation partner. We remain dedicated to providing reliable and innovative services in the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy.

Milton Keynes Data Centre 400kw

King Edward School 146kw

Lawrence Road Paul Simmons Homes 64kw

Walton Court Crest Nicholson 120kw

The Vets RG Carter 120kw

Bauder mounting systems installed by PV Plus

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